Batteries Plus Management has made every effort to ensure the data in this Catalogue (including the Fitment Guide) is accurate. The data has been compiled from various automobile manufacturers. While we believe these sources to be reliable, we can not assume any responsibility for any inaccuracies in print specifications and in no event shall be liable for loss or damage claimed to have arisen as a result of this manual / Cross Reference.

Check the replacement battery recommended against the existing battery to ensure size, hold down, terminal size and configuration, cranking capacity and bonnet clearance are suitable for the application.

Vehicle Make and Model Year Eurostart
118i, 120i 2005-on DIN65LMF
2000, 2002 1967-75 DIN53LMF
2500, 2800 3.0L, 2800 3.3L 1968-78 DIN65LMF
3 series 1991-on DIN65LMF
316i 2001-on DIN44LMF
318 4Cyl, 320 4Cyl (under bonnet) 1976-94 DIN53LMF
318i, 325 2001-on DIN53LMF
318 (E46) 2000-05 DIN53LHMF
320 1970-on DIN53LMF
325i 1994-95 DIN53LMF
325i 2006-on DIN65LHMF
328 series E36 1997-01 DIN65LHMF
330 series E46 2000-on DIN65LMF
335i 2006-on DIN65LHMF
525, 525i 2004 DIN92LMF
530i, 530i Executive & Sport 2001-on DIN65LMF
535i V8 2001-on DIN85LMF
540i 2005-on DIN85LMF
540i V8 Executive, V8 Sport 2001-on DIN85LMF
530D 2005 DIN92LMF
518 1974-on DIN85LMF
5 series 6Cyl, 7 series 6Cyl (under bonnet) 1976-on DIN65LMF
633CSI, 635CSI 1978-88 DIN85LMF
645 Ci, 650i 2004-on DIN85LMF
740 2001-on DIN92LMF
7 series (under seat) 1987-96 DIN65LMF
735i, 740i, 745i, 745Li, 760Li 2001-on DIN85LMF
8 series 1990-on DIN65LMF
850 1989-94 DIN53LMF
5 series (under seat) 1987-on DIN85LMF
Alpine 1976-on DIN65LMF
M3 Coupe 2000-on DIN65LMF
M3 Series (in boot) 1991-on DIN65LMF
M3 Series (under bonnet) 1991-on DIN53LMF
M635 csi 1985-on DIN85LMF
X3, X5, X6 2008-on DIN85LMF
S5 2007-on DIN85LMF
X5 3.0i, X5 4.4i, X5 4.6LS, X5 V8, M5 V8, X5 4WD 2001-on DIN85LMF
Z3 3.0i, 2.2i Convertible 1992-on DIN65LMF
Z3 Roadster E36, E37 1997-on DIN65LMF
Z4 2003-on DIN65LMF