Batteries Plus Management has made every effort to ensure the data in this Catalogue (including the Fitment Guide) is accurate. The data has been compiled from various automobile manufacturers. While we believe these sources to be reliable, we can not assume any responsibility for any inaccuracies in print specifications and in no event shall be liable for loss or damage claimed to have arisen as a result of this manual / Cross Reference.

Check the replacement battery recommended against the existing battery to ensure size, hold down, terminal size and configuration, cranking capacity and bonnet clearance are suitable for the application.

4 Runner Diesel 1984-93 NS70MF
4 Runner V6 1974-95 NS70MF
4 Runner Petrol YN60/63 1987-92 NS40ZSMF
Accent 2001-on NS40ZMF
Altise 2003-on 55D23LMF
Aurion 2006-on 55D23LMF
Avalon 6Cyl, Avalon Conquest, Avalon Limited, Avalon Sorrento 2000-on 55D23LMF
Avante 1985-87 NS40ZLMF
Avensis 2003-on 55D23LMF
Anensis Tourer 2009 NS60LMF
Bundera 2.6, Diesel 1985-91 NS70MF
Camry Hybrid 2009 55D23LMF
Camry (4Cyl.) 1990-92 NS40ZLMF
Camry Conquest, CSI 380N 1999-on 58VTMF
Camry Gli 1983-87 NS40ZLMF
Camry Hatchback Import 1984 NS40ZSMF
Camry SDV10 1993-on 58VTMF
Camry SV20 1987-92 NS40ZLMF
Camry VZV21 6Cyl 1988-on 58VTMF
Camry 2002-08 58VTMF
Camry Hybrid 2010 55D23LMF
Celica 2000-on N/A
Celica GT4 Turbo 4WD 1990-on N70ZZMF
Celica ST184, ST185 1991-on 55D23LMF
Celica ST184 1972-91 N/A
Celica SX 1989-on NS40ZLMF
Celica SX 1999-on NS60MFS
Corolla 1974-82 N/A
Corolla 2008 NS60LMF
Corolla 1300, 1300CS, 1300 CS-X, S, SE 1983-89 NS40ZLMF
Corolla AE90, AE93, AE95 1990-on NS40ZLMF
Corolla AE92, AE94, AE96, AE101, AE102 1990-on N/A
Corolla Ascent 1999-01 NS40ZLMF
Corolla Ascent, Conquest, Levin 1999-00 NS40ZLMF
Corolla Ascent 2004-on NS60LMF
Corolla Levin ZR 2007-on 55D23LMF
Corolla ZRE152R 1.8L 2007-on NS60LMF
Corolla Sportivo – Imported 2007-on N/A
Corona 1972-83 N/A
Corona 1984-87 NS40ZLMF
Cressida 1977-82 N/A
Cressida 1983-94 55D23LMF
Crown 1971-83 NS70MF
Crown Royal 1983-88 NS70LMF
Echo 1999-00 NS40ZLMF
Echo 2001-on NS40ZSMF
Hi-Ace 1974-95 55D23RMF
Hi-Ace LH103, 113, 125 1989-on N70ZZMF
Hi-Ace LH103, LH113 2000-on 55D23RMF
Hi-Ace 125 2000-on 55D23RMF
Hi-Ace Petrol 1984-96 NS70MF
Hi-Ace SBV 02/2004-on 55D23RMF
Hi-Ace 1980-92 NS40ZSMF
Lite Ace CM36 1980-92 NS40ZSMF
Hi-lux 1980-92 NS40ZSMF
Hi-lux 4Cyl Petrol 02/2004-on 55D23LMF
Hi-lux 6Cyl Petrol 02/2004-on NS70LMF
Hi-lux LN 85, 86 Auto Trans Diesel 2WD 08/1988-08/97 N70ZZMF
Hi-lux LN106, LN107, LN111 Diesel 4WD 08/1988-08/97 N70ZZMF
Hi-lux LN130 Diesel 4WD 1989-95 N70ZZMF
Hi-lux LN150, 160, 170 Diesel 4WD 2000-on N70ZZMF
Hi-lux LN 85 Auto Trans Diesel 2WD 08/1988-08/97 N70ZZMF
Hi-lux LN86R Diesel 2WD 1995 NS70MF
Hi-lux N105, N106, N110 Petrol 4WD 08/1988-08/97 NS70MF
Hi-lux Petrol 4WD 1984-on N70ZZMF
Hi-lux RN85, RN90 Petrol 2WD 08/1988-08/97 NS70MF
Hi-lux RZN 149R Petrol 4WD, RZN 16, RZN 17, RZN 2.7 2WD 1998-on NS70LMF
Hi-lux Turbo Diesel 4WD 02/2004-on N70ZZMF
Hi-lux Turbo Diesel 4WD 1992 NS70MF
Hi-lux VZN 130 Petrol 2WD 1989-on 55D23LMF
Hi-lux VZN V6 Diesel 4WD 1988-97 N70ZZMF
Hi-lux LN160 Diesel 4WD, Hi Lux LN160 Diesel 4WD, Hilux LN160 Diesel 4WD 1988-97 N70ZZMF
Hi-lux LN170 Diesel 4WD, Hi Lux LN170 Diesel 4WD, Hilux LN170 Diesel 4WD 1988-97 N70ZZMF
Hi-lux LN190 Diesel 4WD, Hi Lux LN190 Diesel 4WD, Hilux LN190 Diesel 4WD 1988-97 N70ZZMF
Hi-lux VZN-14 Diesel 2WD, Hi Lux VZN-14 Diesel 2WD, Hilux VZN-14 Diesel 2WD 1988-97 N70ZZMF
Hi-lux VZN-15 Diesel 2WD, Hi Lux VZN-15 Diesel 2WD, Hilux VZN-15 Diesel 2WD 1988-97 N70ZZMF
Hi-lux YN85 Petrol 2WD, Hi Lux YN85 Petrol 2WD, Hilux YN85 Petrol 2WD 1988-97 NS60MF
Hi-lux Workmate Petrol, Hi Lux Workmate Petrol, Hilux Workmate Petrol Current NS40ZLMF
Hi-Lux V6 Petrol 2008-on N70ZZLMF
Kluger 2003-on NS70LMF
Kluger Current 55D23LMF
Landcruiser 100 series Diesel, 100 Turbo Diesel 1998-on N70ZZMF
Landcruiser 100 series Petrol 1998-on NS70LMF
Landcruiser 4.2 Diesel Troop Carrier 1999-on N70ZZMF
Landcruiser Diesel HZJ70, HZJ80, PZJ70 1989-on N70ZZMF
Landcruiser GXL Petrol 1999-on NS70LMF
Landcruiser HDJ80, HZJ80, FZJ80 1990-on N70ZZLMF
Landcruiser Petrol 1987-90 NS70MF
Landcruiser Petrol FJ70, FJ80, FZJ175 1989-on N70ZZMF
Landcruiser RJ70, FZJ 105 1990-on NS70LMF
Landcruiser 2004-on N70ZZMF
Landcruiser 200 Series 2007-on NS70LMF
Lexcen VP, VN, VR 1989-on 57MF
LiteAce CM30 Diesel 2WD 1985-90 NS40ZMF
Lite-Ace CM36 Current NS70MF
LiteAce CM36 Diesel 2WD 1988-92 N70ZZMF
LiteAce KM 20, 36 Petrol 2WD 1979-92 NS60MFS
MR2 SW20 1993-on NS60LMF
NXR Coupe 1983-on NS40ZLMF
Paseo 1999-on 55D23RMF
Paseo EL44R 1983-on 57MF
Prado (4&6 Cyl.) 1996-on NS70LMF
Prado 2.7L 1996-on 55D23LMF
Prado Diesel 2001-03 N70ZZMF
Prado Diesel 2004-on N70ZZLMF
Prado 2003-on N70ZZLMF
Prado 2006-on N70ZZLMF
Previa 2006 55D23LMF
RAV4 1995-98 NS60MFS
RAV4 Cruiser 1999-on NS60MFS
RAV4 Extreme 2003-on NS40ZSMF
RAV4 CV 2007-on NS70LMF
RAV4 Current 55D23LMF
RAV4 2005-on 55D23LMF
RAV4 2003-05 55D23LMF
Seca AE112 2000-on NS40ZLMF
Seca AE82 1985-89 NS40ZLMF
Seca AE92, AE94, AE96, AE101, AE102 1989-on N/A
Seca 2000 58MF / 68MF
Seca 2004 55D23RMF
Soarer 1991-1998 N70ZZLMF
Solara 2003-on 55D23LMF
Spacia SR4CR 1998-on NS40ZMF
Starlet 1996-on NS40ZSMF
Supra MA70 Turbo 1983-on NS70LMF
Supra MA70 08/88-on 55D23LMF
Supra Turbo MA70 08/88-on N70ZZMF
Surf Diesel 1990-on N70ZZMF / N70ZZLMF
Surf Petrol 1990-on NS70MF / NS70LMF
T18 SE DeLuxe 1983-on NS40ZSMF
Tarago 4WD Diesel 1985-90 N70ZZMF
Tarago 4WD Petrol, TCR10, TCR11, TCR20, TCR21I 1990-on NS60LMF
Tarago Petrol 1983-90 NS40ZSMF
Tarago Petrol 2000-05 NS60LMF
Tarago Petrol 2005-09 55D23LMF
Tarago Petrol Current 55D23LMF
Tarago GLX 2.4L 2006 55D23LMF
Tercel SR5 1983-88 NS60MFS
Tourer 2.5L Twin Turbo (Import) Current 55D23LMF
Townace 1997-on NS40ZSMF
Townace YR39 1992-on 57MF
Ultima 1987-93 NS40ZLMF
Ultima 1993-on NS70LMF
Vienta 1993-on 55D23LMF
Yaris 1999-05 DIN53LMF
Yaris 2005-on NS60LMF