Batteries Plus Management has made every effort to ensure the data in this Catalogue (including the Fitment Guide) is accurate. The data has been compiled from various automobile manufacturers. While we believe these sources to be reliable, we can not assume any responsibility for any inaccuracies in print specifications and in no event shall be liable for loss or damage claimed to have arisen as a result of this manual / Cross Reference.

2.4, 3.4, 3.8I 1956-69 N70ZZMF
420S, 420G 1966-71 N70ZZMF
Mk X, MKXI 1966-71 N70ZZMF
E Type 6 & 12 Cyl 1962-76 57MF
X Type 1962-76 57MF
X Type Current DIN75LMF
X Type 2.1L, 3L 2004-05 DIN53LMF
XF XJ Current DIN85LMF
Sovereign, XJ300, XJ6 1995-on DIN85LMF
XJ6 Diesel Current DIN85LMF
XJ8 1995-on DIN85LMF
XK Current DIN85LMF
XK8, XKR 1995-on DIN85LMF
XJ40 1987-94 DIN53LMF
XJ6, XJ6 V12 1972-93 57MF
XJ6, XJR, XJ12 1994-on DIN85LMF
XJ8 3.2, 4.0 Sport 2001-on DIN85LMF