AGM Deep Cycle

Optima Red Top 25 Battery

Optima Red Top 25 is a spill proof, gas proof and vibration resistant battery which is most suited to wherever demanding cranking and starting applications are required.

The Optima Red Top 25 Battery is known to suit the following vehicles.
Commodore VS, VR, VP, VN and VL
Landrover Discovery 2003 TD5
Ford 2007 utes
Suzuki Grand Vitara 2007.
This is only a small selection of the models it will fit.
Quite often they have more start power than the average Start battery. An Optima AGM battery is also a non hazardous product, as it has no leakage or terminal corrosion it can be mounted on its side. It can even be shipped by air. Optima Deep cycle batteries does not gas under normal charging conditions, which makes them perfect for Caravans and RV’s.

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