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Optima Blue Top 34M Battery
With an Optima Blue Top 34m installed in your Boat or Rv you can be assured of great performance and running times and you will also get many more recharges than you would out of a standard battery. Great for use down the creek with your Minnkota trolling motor or in a bank for large marine vessels with intricate electronic systems. But more than this Optima 34M batteries make great batteries for use in Caravans and Campers.

With exceptional vibration resistance and our leak proof guarantee you can mount your Optima 34M anywhere you like upside down or on its side. And our efficient power delivery and fast recharge times means you spend more time doing what you love than worrying about the state of your batteries.

Suitable as both a cranking or starting battery and in auxiliary battery situations. Optima Blue Top&rsquos are a strong cranking, maintenance free AGM battery that won&rsquot let you down.

12 Volts 50amp
CCA 800amps

Quite often they have more start power than the average Start battery. An Optima AGM battery is also a non hazardous product, as it has no leakage or terminal corrosion it can be mounted on its side. It can even be shipped by air. Optima Deep cycle batteries does not gas under normal charging conditions, which makes them perfect for Caravans and RV’s.

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