Lithium batteries have recently become a realistic option as prices have become more affordable.


For a number of years our customers have enquired about replacing older battery technology with lithium batteries, but the prices have been frightening.  We are now able to offer Amptron lithium batteries at prices that are more affordable and a genuine option.

Amptron batteries are able to directly replace older deep cycle technology. They have many superior features which we are happy to explain to you.

​​AMPTRON® is a leader in high performance energy storage solutions, supplying Lithium batteries, chargers, power monitors, solar panels and portable power packs. Our Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries can be used as an AR “Alternative Replacement” for deep cycle Lead Acid, Gel or AGM Batteries. AMPTRON® is a manufacturer of choice for reliable Lithium batteries used by Recreational, Commercial, Industrial and Mining applications. Our customers trust and depend on us for our high quality, safe and reliable technology. AMPTRON® is a name you can count on to be your energy storage

Our product range of lithium batteries and chargers is growing. Our website may not list everything we have so please contact us if you require assistance.

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