Looking for Golf Cart Batteries

If you are looking for Golf Cart Batteries – look no further.

The Trojan T 875 is an 8 Volt – 170 Amp-Hour Deep Cycle battery designed to be used as portable power for applications such as Golf Buggies – RV’s and Marine use. Made in the USA – Trojan are a byword for reliability and long life.

Other brands may state they are of equal quality, but the quality of Trojan batteries is superior.

We are the best place to source golf cart batteries. We look forward to providing expert advice.

Ask us about fitting a set Trojan Golf Cart batteries within Perth and surrounding areas.

Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology

Maximum Operating Performance = better golf

Trojan’s Alpha Plus Paste is a proprietary, high density paste formulation precisely engineered to deliver outstanding battery performance. This high density paste optimises porosity development in the active material utilising the active material more effectively resulting in sustained battery performance over a longer period of time.


Trojan Grid Technology

Reduced Downtime = less time walking the course

Trojan’s grid technology is a lead antimony alloy grid mixture formulated specifically for use with Trojan’s Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology. The grid formulation provides exceptional structural adhesion between the Alpha Plus Paste and the grid frame. Thick grids reinforce the strength of the frame and reduce overall corrosion. The overall grid configuration is optimised to enhance current flow through the grid network providing exceptional battery performance, reducing downtime and lowering overall maintenance costs.


Maxguard T2 Separator

Longer Battery Life = More holes on the golf course

Exclusively available in Trojan batteries is our Maxguard T2 advanced separator. Trojan’s Maxguard T2 separator features a multi-rib geometry which keeps acid channels open longer enhancing electrochemical processing while reducing the risk of stratification. Maxguard’s proprietary rubber-based material formulation inhibits antimony transfer between the positive grids and negative plates; a protection not available in many other competitor batteries. A newly fortified, thick back web provides even greater separator strength resulting in more robust battery with increased protection against failures caused by separator degradation.


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